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JENOPTIK SYIONS – Shaping Your Imaging SolutiONS

Modular imaging platform enables rapid development of digital imaging solutions for live cell imaging, cytometry and molecular diagnostics.

3-channel fluorescence microscopy (red, green, blue)

The generation of images and data from biological samples, BioImaging for short, plays a key role in capturing and analyzing life processes on all levels. BioImaging allows multicellular organisms, tissues, and whole cells to be observed. On a smaller scale, subcellular structures all the way down to the molecular level can be examined.

Increasing system complexity and shorter innovation cycles are posing major challenges for manufacturers of BioImaging devices. Jenoptik has developed the JENOPTIK SYIONS modular Imaging Platform for system integrators and device manufacturers to help them increase their innovative edge and competitive advantage in the long term.

JENOPTIK SYIONS - Modular, Digital, Compact

The platform includes innovative imaging technologies in a partially standardized form. These can be combined to a customized specific complete solution and optimally adapted to the system and application requirements. JENOPTIK SYIONS supports the fluorescence method and phase contrast method as well as bright-field microscopy.

Proven Jenoptik modules such as lighting, optical filters, objectlenses and tube lenses, image sensors and autofocus, as well as opto-mechanics, electronics and software are combined in JENOPTIK SYIONS into an efficient, miniaturized digital imaging solution that offers our customers easy integration into the software and system environment of their instruments.

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Innovative Solutions at a Competitive Price

System solutions based on JENOPTIK SYIONS combine all of the advantages of customer-specific development with the cost benefits of a standard product: JENOPTIK SYIONS enables customized, innovative digital imaging systems at competitive prices with low development costs.

Short Time to Market

The modular design and partial standardization of performance components simplify the development process of complex BioImaging systems and accelerate the time to market.The seamlessly interconnected and perfectly matched modules greatly simplify system integration, by eliminating interface issues associated with using modules from different manufacturers. This guarantees optimal system performance and highest functionality.


JENOPTIK SYIONS offers modular and scalable solutions. This enables our customers to adapt their product strategy to current market requirements in a flexible manner.

Everything from a Single Source

JENOPTIK SYIONS also significantly reduces supply-chain complexity in development and series production.

Live Cell Imaging

3-channel fluorescence microscopy (red, green, blue)

Live cell imaging is the monitoring of living cells, their structures and dynamics, for example to track cell division and growth processes. In this area, Jenoptik has the know-how and the experience to optimally align systems to phase-contrast or fluorescence detection.



Cytometry techniques are used to capture the external morphology of cells and cellular components. In imaging cytometry, this is achieved using images of the cells. In contrast, flow cytometry captures diffraction patterns. To achieve this, cells are guided one after the other through a measuring chamber (flow cell) and pass a laser beam. The light scatter and fluorescence signal generated in this way is detected and evaluated and allows conclusions to be drawn concerning the cells' properties.

Molecular Diagnostic

DNA strand

Molecular diagnostic procedures provide information about DNA and its gene expression in proteins. They are important key elements in the development of personalized treatment methods. Jenoptik has the required expertise in the area of developing optical systems for analyzing genome and proteome structures using fluorescence.



  • Compact: miniaturized digital imaging solution
  • Modular: partially standardized components, flexible expansion options
  • Efficient: reduced development and project costs, short time to market
  • Innovative: wireless design option
  • Flexible: easy integration into the specific system environment

Fields of Application

  • Live cell imaging
  • Cytometry
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • In vitro diagnostics


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