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JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM激光切割机:对金属和塑料部件进行高精度的三维切割


JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM激光切割机特别适合对金属和塑料进行三维激光切割。创新的机器人技术可以 快速、高效、精确地加工复杂的部件。特别是在金属行业设立了新的标准。





  • 极其快速:以最高的速度对三维部件进行激光切割。
  • 精密:激光切割机可以沿着轮廓进行精密切割,并确保工件的最大可及性。
  • 强大:激光功率可高达4 kW。
  • 节能:基于我们可靠的纤维激光技术和CO2激光技术。
  • 经济高效:最低的运行成本和维护成本。
  • 可靠:目前有超过200套激光加工系统成功用于汽车制造。


  • 汽车行业:塑料和金属部件的三维激光加工。

Laser Cutting System JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM: Clean-Cut Demonstration




The concept behind the JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM series is based on a beam guide inside the robot. Different laser sources with a power of up to 4 kW can be used without the need for a complex external beam guide. Several laser cutting robots can be integrated into a single machine in order to achieve a higher output by parallel material processing at a significantly reduced floor space. Furthermore our robot based machines are the first to enable a complete line integration of the laser cutting process.

Turnkey system

JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM is a highly flexible plug & play system. It can be equipped with the suitable laser for your specific plastic or metal application. As an option, we provide integrated solutions for waste disposal and exhaust air cleaning. To increase the working envelope and productivity two robot modules can be placed into one standard machine setup at nearly the same footprint.

Customized solutions based on BIM modules

The JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM modular set up enables customized laser processing systems for laser cutting at higher automation levels. By arranging multiple robot systems and multi purpose fixtures inside of a single cell the productivity per floor space can be dramatically increased. The target of JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM is to accompany our customers on the way to a fully integrated and automated laser cutting machine.

AM-LP Automation

Automated lines for car body assembly

Beyond laser cutting our extended know how in the field of customized automation will benefit you with tailored robotized solutions for material processing needs like welding, hemming, gluing, riveting and other joining technologies.

A clear focus on fully line integrated systems, maximum throughput paired with highest flexibility is our driving factor for your next project.



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