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In the area of solid state lasers, Jenoptik offers disk lasers and fiber lasers. Both technologies impress with excellent beam quality, high peak pulse power and precision. Because of their compact design, the lasers can be easily integrated into your existing systems. They are particularly efficient, thus saving you both operating and rework costs. Furthermore, the solid-state lasers are extremely reliable and ensure high productivity and availability.

Disk laser technology: Solid state lasers for industrial micro material processing and medical treatments

Our disk lasers are fitted with thin disk like Nd:YVO4 or Yb:KYW that function as the laser medium. They are available as cw, short-pulse and ultrashort-pulse laser sources. Because of the high pulse energy and peak pulse power, excellent processing results are achieved and consistent optical parameters are ensured. Our disk lasers are perfectly suited for machining of small structures or difficult materials, as well as for medical purposes.

Fiber laser technology: Solid state lasers for cutting applications

Our fiber lasers can be used safely and reliably for laser material processing. Due to their excellent beam quality and precise beam guidance, you consistently obtain optimal processing results. Fiber lasers are available in pulsed versions.

Customer support

We will support you in integrating our lasers into your laser systems. To do so, we establish contact with Jenoptik engineers and independent system integrators. Make use of our comprehensive worldwide customer service. We evaluate processes with regard to productivity and quality, and create samples for you in our application laboratory. We will be happy to arrange a free individual application test with you.


  • 强大:极佳的光束质量和峰值脉冲功率。
  • 可靠:始终如一的高品质结果,精确的射束引导
  • 高效:降低操作和后续处理成本。
  • 紧凑且易于使用:易于集成到新系统和现有系统,极少需要维护。
  • 全方位的服务:我们的专家将为您提供支持。


    • 材料微加工:高精密切割、焊接、剥离、钻孔和打标。
    • 医疗技术:眼科和皮肤科。
    • 研究:光谱。
    • 展览和娱乐





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