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Whether it is cutting, welding or engraving, photonics play an integral role in countless application areas of laser material processing. Thanks to our state-of-the-art laser technologies and optical solutions, a wide variety of materials can be processed with high productivity and precision. We are your reliable partner for machine-integrable optical components and systems that are designed for your precise requirements in material processing.

Our reliable and durable products are of the highest precision and quality. We constantly expand our product portfolio through our proximity to the customer, market and applications, which is also evident in the F-Theta lens series JENarTM, JENarTM APTAlineTM and JENarTM SilverlineTM. The suitable Fix-BEX beam expander, variable BEX or motorized BEX-M can also be combined for specified applications accordingly.

Those who prefer an easily implementable approach can rely on the ready-to-install, pre-assembled and configured plug-and-play solution, JENveltTM. This offers additional features such as an integrated, high-resolution image channel, numerous image recognition features and an easy-to-use software. With the optics module JENveltTM, you can leave the configuration, assembly and testing of the optics system to our experts and simply integrate this module into your machine. Further functions significantly reduce the set-up effort and actively support precise processing.


  • 极其耐用:得益于采用低污染的特殊安装技术
  • 自定义:提供标准版或根据个人需求特别定制版产品
  • 高效:提前进行可行性研究和有限元分析,以节省时间和金钱          
  • 经验证:采用高性能测试技术(例如波前传感器、中心测量设备、基于应用的测试)来校准和测试光学组件和物镜




  • 微电子学:例如玻璃微结构
  • 半导体工业:例如,半导体芯片打标
  • 汽车工业:例如,切割和构建复合材料
  • 太阳能电池的生产:例如,切边
  • 医疗:例如,在治疗应用中除去纱布



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